Errata – 2nd Edition

If you find an error in the text I would appreciate a short email to All known errors are listed here. The errata list in the first edition can be found here.

Physics and Math Errata

  • On page 60 in equation 3.120 and the preceding line, the right hand side should have $m-1$, not $m+1$ in the ket. (Thanks to Taylor Esch and Fabian Waetermans.)
  • page 189 between 8.34 and 8.35 it is $phi_2 +phi_3$ and not $phi_1 + phi_3$. (Thanks to Fabian Waetermans.)
  • page 193 under formule 8.49, it should be $b=1$ and $a=0$. The same typo appears at the beginning of page 195. (Thanks to Fabian Waetermans.)
  • page 204 where it is written dividing by $m$ it should be $u$ and not $c$ (Thanks to Fabian Waetermans.)