Errata – 2nd Edition

If you find an error in the text I would appreciate a short email to All known errors are listed here. The errata list in the first edition can be found here.

Physics and Math Errata

  • p.42 eq 3.60 needs det(O) (Thanks to Konstantinos Tsagaris)
  • p.55 equ 3.93 wrong power on J_3 (Thanks to Konstantinos Tsagaris)
  • On page 60 in equation 3.120 and the preceding line, the right hand side should have $m-1$, not $m+1$ in the ket. (Thanks to Taylor Esch and Fabian Waetermans.)
  • On page 87 the very last margin note labeled 180 where it talks about the symbol for the partial derivative. There is an x missing in the denominator. (Thanks to Manuel Diaz)
  • On page 143 in equation (7.42) since using the Lagrangian from (7.41) I get a plus m^2 instead of a minus m^2. (Thanks to Manuel Diaz)
  • p.149 at the end of the calculation for 7.65 there is a g/i missing when you bring back the W (Thanks to Konstantinos Tsagaris)
  • Also from equ 7.62 up to 7.66 there are numerous index mistakes on the W_\mu\nu (Thanks to Konstantinos Tsagaris)
  • On page 163 equation (7.129) some psi’s are still capitalized when they should all be lowercase psi’s since they are all Dirac spinors inside a doublet and the capital psi is reserved for the doublet itself. The same thing happens on page 164 equation (7.133) where not only are the previously mentioned psi’s inside both doublets capitalized like in equation (7.129), but the right-chiral fields also become capitalized despite the fact that they are singlets and therefore should be represented by lowercase psi’s. Moreover, another mistake in equation (7.133) is that there is a capital phi with a bar that is represented in the next line of the equation by a column vector when it should be represented by a row vector. (Thanks to Manuel Diaz)
  • On page 172 you define the spin 1 gluon fields with the SU(3) generators T^C and a G^C _alpha. Both the generators and the G have upper index C. I think one of them should have index C as a lower index (I am thinking the C on the G is the one you meant to be a lower index). This also affects equation (7.165) and I think it also affects equation (12.14) on page 248. (Thanks to Manuel Diaz)
  • On page 171 on equation (7.156) the T^C has an upper index consistent with the structure constant having all upper indices. However, both T_A and T_B inside the commutator have lower indices. Moreover, the generators are defined with lower indices as well. So I am guessing either the generators were meant to all have lower indices and so too the structure constant or they were meant to have upper indices like the structure constant and T^C. (Thanks to Manuel Diaz)
  • Towards the bottom of page 172 lambda_8 should actually be 1/2* lambda_8.  (Thanks to Manuel Diaz)
  • page 189 between 8.34 and 8.35 it is $phi_2 +phi_3$ and not $phi_1 + phi_3$. (Thanks to Fabian Waetermans.)
  • on page 191 section 8.5.4 you set E = E_2 = n^2 * pi^2/(2m^L^2). The mistake is then carried to the equation below it and to the next page until the last part of the equation. (Thanks to Manuel Diaz)
  • page 193 under formule 8.49, it should be $b=1$ and $a=0$. The same typo appears at the beginning of page 195. (Thanks to Fabian Waetermans.)
  • on page 193 on equation (8.50) the second term of the equation should have a -1/2 inside of the bra instead of a 1/2.  (Thanks to Manuel Diaz)
  • page 204 where it is written dividing by $m$ it should be $u$ and not $c$ (Thanks to Fabian Waetermans.)

Grammar, Spelling and Formatting Errors


  • p.11 sidenote1 “depends* on the frame”
  • p.16 middle of the page “it follows… ds^2 [space] that”
  • p.43 in anticommutativity the universal quantifier is too far on the left
  • p.52 footnote81: corresponds*
  • also in the middle of the page I’m not sure Casimir “elements” operators is what you meant to write
  • p.56 before equ 3.99 “to learn something about what finite-dimensional, irreducible representations of SU(2) are possible [of]”
  • p.74 7 lines under equ 3.187 there need to be 2 commas: “…is, after a rotation by 2pi, not the same”
  • p.76 equ 3.202 at the second line there is a reduntant parenthesis
  • p.79 at the end of the second paragraph “when we [will] need invariant”
  • also in the 156 sidenote at the end it doesn’t make sense: “the spinor equation here can be read as component equation that do not need it”
  • p.91 at the top “representations of [the] double cover”
  • p.93 first paragraph “n-tupel” & end of first paragraph “ins”
  • p.102 after equ 4.13 “the equation[s] of motion stay”
  • p.112 second paragraph “will prove to be INvaluable” i think you mean to say valuable
  • p.133 chap 7.1 “internal symmetrie[s]”
  • p.137 before equ 7.14 I think the expression you were looking for is “two pieces of the same puzzle”
  • p.139 after equ 7.22 “the notion [of] minimal coupling”
  • p.150 equ 7.66 at the last line LateX has messed up your parenthesis size and its a bit confusing to the eye
  • p.152 equ 7.78 W transforms to W’ (the prime is missing)
  • p.151 equ. 7.69 in the interaction term the index on B is wrong
  • p.155 equ 7.95 in the middle line there is a redundant parenthesis
  • p.180 5th line from the top: commuting* (I have mostly heard people say “they commute” rather than “they commutate”)
  • p.189 last sentence before 8.5.3 “which [is] extremely helpful”
  • p.192 end of first paragraph for Spin: “which of course always yields 0 when [we operate] with it on a state”
  • p.213 end of equ 9.15 there is a wrong parenthesis size

(All reported by Konstantinos Tsagaris)